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About us

In short

Certified organic since 1989
Family run business
High quality criterias for all our products
Fair-trade-relationships with supplying farmers
ISO 22000:2005 certified
Big product range
Over 25 years of experience


As passionate farmers and producers of organic products we are fortunate to live in a region where olive trees are cultivated since ancient times and where valuable herbs , plants and fruits are growing everywhere. We want to share these treasures of Greece with our customers. Therefore we want to offer a wide range of organic produced greek products, because we think that a true treasure can be created just with organic ingredients and careful further treatment. But we want also to set an incentive for other farmers to change to organic cultivation methods. To preserve this treasure of Greece.


In year 1985 Stavros Darmos began to use ecological methods for growing the orange- and olive trees his family owned for generations. This wasn´t always easy given that there weren’t any organic movements in Greece at that time. The greek people couldn´t see at this time a reason not to use chemicals on their fields to increase the yield or to protect against pest. In year 1989 we were ready and certified (by the SLAL Holland) to step in the economical market and mainly to present the Greek organic products. We had in the first years many difficulties, but with our help and support, many other farmers transformed their traditional plantations in organic plantations and the first organic shops in Greece opened their doors. At the same time the organic movement in Greece has grown with the help of other pioneers as well as by contribution of the state (1993) and by many other organic organisations. Today there are many thousands of organic farmers in Greece. We are proud to be a part of this change.
because true beauty lies in the simple things in life.

The farmers

Since the beginning in 1985 we are a family business. A good and harmonic working atmosphere is very important for us. The relationships to other farmers who provide us with their precious olive oil and olives are characterized by trust and mutual respect. We work since twenty years with the same farmers together, which appreciate us not just as a reliable partner but see us also as a friend and advisor. Our network of farmers and suppliers is spread all over Greece which allows us to find the best products for our customers from honest and authentic working farmers.
(On the left: from left to right: A farmer, Prof. Alberto Schüler, Stavros Darmos)

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“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” Robert Luis Stevenson