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The New Spicy Olive Spread
The spicy olive paste, from green olives, with tomatoes and chili. For those who like it spicy.
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Our Kalamon olives come from the region of Sparta, which lies between
the two Mountains Mt. Taygetos and Mt. Parnonas. They are cropped in the
winter time by hand, fully ripe, and have a deep purple colour.
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Our sundried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil are spiced with greek herbs
and ready to serve. They go well with all kinds of salad.
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This honey is collected from the wild growing sage blossoms which make the rural hilly
landscape of Mani shine every spring in bright violett colours. We take the highest care
for the quality of the honeys from the first to the last step.
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All ingredients from organic cultivation
Prepared with a lot of care for the taste
High quality criterias in the selection process
Clean working protocoll according to HACCP


As producers of greek organic products, we have the philosophy that just with ingredients of high quality, the product can be worth our name. We want to offer our customers the treasures greeks nature has to offer. And we
think that a true treasure can be created just through organic cultivation methods and careful further treatment. For that we use for all our recipes just organic ingredients, which we grow mostly on our own ground or which we purchase from farmers, we cooperate with. We select every product from the best climatic region for each and all further selection and packaging processes are done with a lot of care for the aroma, the taste and the quality of the product.

Explore the treasures Greece has to offer.